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The C5i is the first of its kind, a Hotspot-to-the-Home Gateway. Allowing you to do more with less, consumers can easily place the product in their home and connect to their local Service Provider’s wireless Hotspots. Plus, with integrated Wi-Fi home networking, the C5i delivers everything you need to connect all your devices to the Internet.

Say goodbye to the dreaded truck roll – the self-installable consumer device removes cost and hassle for new subscribers.

The C5i is the first elegant, simple Internet access alternative for the Wi-Fi Generation.

The C5i easily affixes to any window in your home, and Line-of-Sight between the radio and the access point is not required. To determine the best location for the radio, simply open the C5i installation web page and hold your smart device near each window. Your device will search for nearby access points and identify the best placement for your C5i.

The C5i uses advanced Beamforming technology to dynamically adjust its antenna pattern and increase gain – enabling easy connection to nearby access points, no aiming required.

Home Networking and 500 Mbps+ Internet Access. 5 GHz Outdoor with Beamforming for Automatic Antenna Aiming.

The C5i is ideal for dense, urban environments. The C5i uses advanced Massive MIMO technology to increase stream count and improve overall coverage. When paired with Mimosa’s access point technology, home and network performance is further enhanced through the use of Mimosa’s TDMA and cloud management system. Bursting with bandwidth, the C5i can connect with access points located up to a kilometre away.

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PROCOM is a leading manufacturer of antennas, filters and combiner systems for wireless two-way radio communication for professional users.

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