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sordin CC Passive

Noise cancelling ear defender headsets for connecting directly to most hand portable two-way radios.

MSA Sordin Headsets enhance the radios communication giving safer and more efficient two-way communications even when in noisy environments. Available in a broad range of different configurations.

Available for numerous different two-way radios Motorola, ICOM, Kenwood, and more! Fitted with heavy duty straight or coiled leads for good durability.


  • NEW Noise cancelling boom microphone gives a high perception of sound even in noisy environments
  • Microphone can easily be put in the rest position when not in use
  • Audio limiter limits the in-coming radio signal to 82dB(A), ensuring you cannot damage your hearing by having the radio too loud! (Can be supplied without Limiter if required)
  • Connectors fit directly onto specific radios without the need for using an adaptor
  • VOX (voice activated) versions available
  • Padded headband with adjustable pressure control and soft ear cushions give high comfort
  • Close fitting, stylish design with no protruding parts for increased safety
  • Lightweight, yet robust, for comfort and durability
  • Good ambient noise attenuation allows clear, concise communication even in noisy environments
  • Headband and Helmet attachment versions to suit most requirements
  • Press-to-Talk (PTT) switch integrated into the headset for ease of operation

Price & Order Codes

Radio Type Headband Helmet Attach. RRP (excl. VAT)
4-pole NEXUS NATO TP120 Plug 41110-01 41610-01 £150.00
ENTEL HX400 series 41140-05 41640-05 £176.00
ENTEL HT700 series 41140-06 41640-06 £176.00
HYT TC600/700/2110 41131-NL 41631-NL £150.00
ICOM A3E/A22E/A6/A24 41150-A6 41650-A6 £202.00
ICOM F31/41 & M87 41140-F31 41640-F31 £197.00
ICOM F51/61/F3162/4162 41140-F51 41640-F51 £197.00
ICOM M71 & M1 EURO V N/A 41640-M1V £197.00
ICOM M33 41140-07-M33 41640-07-M33 £197.00
ICOM Twin pin angled plug 41150 41650 £150.00
ICOM Twin pin angled screw-down 41150-SC 41650-SC £150.00
ICOM Twin straight pin plug 41140 41640 £145.00
KENWOOD TK380/3140 41120-380 41620-380 £197.00
KENWOOD Twin pin 41120 41620 £150.00
MAXON SL100 41160 41660 £187.00
MAXON SL25/55/TX446 41170 41670 £187.00
MOTOROLA DP3400 series 41180-07-DP 41680-07-DP £176.00
MOTOROLA GP340 series 41180 41680 £162.00
MOTOROLA GP340 series VOX/PTT 41180-VOX 41680-VOX £187.00
MOTOROLA GP344 series 41180-02 41680-02 £162.00
MOTOROLA GP300/CP040 twin pin 41130 41630 £150.00
MOTOROLA GP300/CP040 with PTT/VOX 41130-VOX 41630-VOX £176.00
MOTOROLA XTN/CLS/GP300 & CP040 41131 41631 £150.00
MOTOROLA XTNiD 41131-NL 41631-NL £150.00
MOTOROLA T5**** Series N/A 41640-T5422 £150.00
SIMOCO 8000 series 2-pin 41140-055 41640-055 £197.00
SIMOCO TSP series 2-pin 41140-056 41640-056 £187.00
SIMOCO Sepura 8000 series 41140-029 41640-029 £207.00
41140-04 41640-04 £162.00
VERTEX STANDARD VX600/800/900 41140-045 41640-045 £187.00
VERTEX STANDARD VX821/824 41140-042 41640-042 £184.00
WALTER DITTEL FSG4/5 41140-FSG5 41640-FSG5 £228.00

Available with Straight or Coiled Leads.
The above headsets can be made with IN-LINE body PTTs (ask for destails).

PTT Switches

Description Product Code RRP (excl. VAT)
PTT3000 Dome shaped 50mm PTT switch -P3* £62.00
PTT7000 Heavy duty WATERPROOF PTT switch -P7* £93.00

*Add the code to the Addition cost on headset code top of the relevant (i.e. 41130-P7)

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