• PRO-HDAR Ultra Compact TX/RX Hybrid Combiner

  • Offshore as well as maritime operations all needs reliable radio equipment to secure safety, productivity, and efficiency.

    Amphenol Procom have downsized their hybrid combiners, to save rack space for their customers.

    Their engineers have developed PRO-HDAR an ultra-compact Tx/Rx Hybrid Combiner.  Their PRO-HDAR require just a minimal space of 2 units in a 19” rack, which makes it suitable in narrow control rooms.

    With the option of 2-4 channels in the VHF and UHF frequency range, the combiner system makes the PRO-HDAR series flexible to fit the needs for RF applications as Public Safety- or Private Mobile radio systems onshore and offshore.

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    pexels-pixabay-414905.jpgAmphenol Procom helped a wind farm with a DAS solution

    "We provided radio coverage inside wind turbines "

    For a reliable communication system it is necessary to undertake regular maintenance, especially when there are physical obstacles that blocks the radio signal. 

    Read about how we helped a wind farm get radio coverage with a DAS solution.

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