• Kenwood in Stadia

  • With tens of thousands of people attending stadiums and arenas for sport and entertainment events, the challenges facing management, safety offices and emergency services are both large in scale and complex.

    Rpeople-festival-(1).jpgeducing the risk of accidents, petty crime, anti-social behaviour, public disorder and mitigating against the threat of acts of terrorism while managing the efficient flow of spectators, participants, VIPs, vehicles, goods and services at multiple entry and exit points, especially in the event of a major incident, is a major logistical feat.

    In most cases the burden of responsibility to ensure compliance with legislation, best practice and the safety and security of the stadium and those within it falls upon the Safety Officer. One of the most powerful assets during events is the ability for all cross functional teams to communicate with their counterparts and the emergency services instantly, reliably and effectively anywhere on site.

    While Kenwood analogue licensed and license-free PMR446 radios have already been proven in service at stadia and events around the world for many years, more and more facilities are upgrading to Kenwood’s NEXEDGE® NXDN and DMR digital conventional and trunked two-way radio solutions to provide clear and reliable multi-user voice and data communications and the flexibility to design a scalable digital radio communications network to suit their range and capacity requirements.

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