• Intent to Cancel

  • This bulletin advises the Cancellation Plan for Channel Partners and Distributors of the VX-450 Series, VX-264 and VX-2000 Series Commercial Radios.

     Sales Model Number Description
    AC095N501-MSI VX-451-D0-5 C (CE) 136-174MHz
    AC094N502-MSI VX-454-D0-5 C (CE) 136-174MHz
    AC094N501-MSI VX-459-D0-5 C (CE) 136-174MHz
    AC095U502-MSI VX-451-G6-5 A (CE) 403-470MHz
    AC094U504-MSI VX-454-G6-5 A (CE) 403-470MHz
    AC094U503-MSI VX-459-G6-5 A (CE) 403-470MHz
     AC127N501-MSI VX-264-D0-5 (CE) VHF 136-174MHZ
    AC127U502-MSI VX-264-G6-5 (CE) UHF 403-470MHZ
     AC061N531-MSI VX-2100-D0-50 C EXP 134-174MHZ 50W
    AC061N532-MSI VX-2200-D0-50 C EXP 134-174MHZ 50W
    AC061N533-MSI VX-2100-D0-25 C EU (CE) 134-174MHZ
    AC061N534-MSI VX-2200-D0-25 C EU (CE)134-174MHZ
    AC061U535-MSI VX-2100-G6-45 A EXP 400-470 MHZ 45W
    AC061U536-MSI VX-2200-G6-45 A EXP 400-470MHZ 45W
    AC061U537-MSI VX-2100E-G6-25 A EU (CE) 400-470MHZ
    AC061U538-MSI VX-2200E-G6-25 A EU (CE) 400-470MHZ


    Product Family Product Family Alternative Suggestion
    VX264 EVX-S24 or MOTOTRBO DP Series Radios
    VX450 Series MOTOTRBO DP Series Radios
    VX2000 Series MOTOTRBO DM1000 Series Radios

    Motorola Solutions objective is to provide services and spare parts for these products for 5 years following any planned cancellation. Although Motorola Solutions often meet and exceed the 5 year support after device cancellation, this is not a guarantee and is subject to availability of device components from the supplier after device cancellation.