• Kenwood in Broadcast Production

  • Outside broadcast units, location filming and studios are often difficult environments with so many variables to take into account, from background noise, weather, demanding directors, temperamental talent and equipment, to coordinating a small army of crew, specialists, cast and extras to be in the right place at the right time.

    It’s an industry that understands that time is money and that mistakes cost – whether in missing that crucial news shot or interview, having to do an additional take or paying for overtime.

    It’s little wonder that in spite of the ubiquity of mobile phones, two-way radio communications reign supreme in broadcast production. The ability to communicate between director, producers, technicians, talent and the myriad of support personnel within and across groups, clearly and instantly, can often make the difference between chaos and success.

    Kenwood communications equipment has featured strongly in the broadcast production industry for many years, whether the simplicity of ProTalk PMR446 license-free hand-portable walkie talkies in outside broadcast units or on location, analogue radios on permanent sets or digital radio systems across entire film and studio facilities, customers have come to rely on Kenwood to deliver the reliable and economical voice and data communications that help to keep productions on schedule and budgets in check.

    A range to suit every broadcast application

    With NEXEDGE NXDN, NEXEDGE dPMR and NEXEDGE DMR digital two-way radio systems incorporating hand-portable walkie-talkies, mobile units and repeaters operating in fully scalable IP linked digital systems, more production units than ever are migrating to the outstanding coverage, flexibility and security that digital two-way radio offers.

    In addition, Kenwood can offer the license-free ProTalk DECT fully duplex digital wireless intercom systems for studio and outside broadcast productions.