Technical Support

Your priority is to keep your customers operational, resolving problems promptly.
Airsys provide a highly reactive and skilled technical resource that you can call upon when needed.

Listen • Solve • Deliver

Our listen solve deliver methodology ensures we take the time to understand the issues you or your customers are facing. We then work with you to engineer a solution that incorporates hardware, software and services to solve the problem. The final stage is to deliver the solution with you in an effective way.


Remote Support

Remote Support

We support all your customers radio systems remotely to keep costs down. This remote only service still comes with great response times, but without the cost of site visits.



Technical Support

Over the many years distributing Motorola radios we have formed a strong technical alliance. We provide a wide range of technical support to our dealer network spanning:

 Conventional Radio Networks

 Link Capacity Plus

 Capacity Max

 Mobile & Portable Radio Programming


Technical Support

We have been continuously working closely with Kenwood to bring the channel an increasing diverse offer. Along with this is increasing our technical support capabilities to include:

 Conventional & IP Networks

 Multi-site Trunking (NXDN Type-C)

 Enhanced Multi-site Trunking (NXDN Gen2)

 Mobile & Portable Radio Programming


Product Demonstration & Training Suite

The suite which provides a full functional working environment and is available for demonstration and training purposes to meet you and your customer’s requirements. Suitable for hardware and software, the suite can be used to showcase the benefits and features of our extensive range.

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The training was excellent and the trainer very friendly and professional. He responded to my questions with insight and knowledge!


After the training I now have a more practical knowledge of programming radios.

I am very pleased! I know have a full understanding of the radio network we purchased and am confident in operating it to its maximum potential.