Out of Warranty Repair Services

Airsys offer a comprehensive service on products outside of warranty.


If you are a registered dealer with Airsys and your product is out of warranty, please log into your account to raise a fixed price repair online or check our Fixed Price Repair List.


On the occasion your faulty product is not covered by a fixed price repair, the product has mechanical or physical damage we will need to quote for a repair.


If you are a not a registered Dealer with us and would like to use this service please register with Airsys.


To use our Fixed Price Repair Service or to be quoted for a repair please complete the form below to retrieve a repair number before returning the product to the Airsys returns department.

Any warranty will be invalidated if:

  • The product has been improperly installed or used in a manner contrary to the supplied operating instructions
  • The product has been mis-treated; the defect is found to be caused by physical abuse, or exposure to toxic or corrosive substances; internal or external corrosion is caused by ingress of water or other liquids
  • The product has been tampered with, or modified in any way, including the alteration or removal of the serial number
  • Any previous repair work has been carried out by an individual or organisation other than a manufacturer approved engineer or service centre
  • Any part has been fitted that is not manufacturer approved

Airsys reserves the right to make a handling fee of £25.00 plus VAT for any product:

These charges are to cover costs incurred by Airsys from the manufacturers under these circumstances)

  • Suffering damage that invalidates any warranty claimed, where the repair charge is then refused
  • That has sustained sufficient damage to be considered ‘beyond economical repair’
  • Where no fault is found
  • Where a product is sent for a quoted repair and the quote is then refused


Tick this box if you need your programming information retained.
Tick this box if your product(s) contain entitlement ID(s). During repair, products may be restored to factory settings.