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Having a great solution, product or service is vital to the success of any business and it is essential to fully understand them while knowing how to sell them before you market these to your current and potential customers.

Whether providing access to our 8,000 strong product portfolio on our B2B e-commerce platform or fulfilling orders with our next day delivery service, our goal is simple; we want to help you grow your business. There are moments however when additional support is needed outside of delivering stock quickly and in quantity. This is where the Airsys Academy steps in.

The Airsys Academy is a series of training courses and workshops designed to enable you to fully understand the technical benefits and features of both hardware and software, while shaping ambitious sales objectives to achieve opportunities created from gaining the trust of the right people.


Airsys Acceleration: The Partner Sales Academy

With customers responding to specialised and niche offerings, we must mark out fresh distinctive values to achieve success. If the value we offer then changes, so too should be the relevant contact and content.

It will be sales people who will benefit most from these workshops gaining the skills on how to generate more exclusive levels of trust with prospects. In addition, you will learn how to sell differently to match value propositions that will shape your business.


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Leading with knowledge

Throughout the year Airsys runs structured instructor lead courses designed specifically for the two way radio industry. Our training facilities are purpose made fully equipped with the latest radio technology. Best of all, we keep the trainee capacity low to encourage interaction between trainer and trainees.

These training courses have been designed to enable the channel to fully understand the technical benefits and features of both hardware and software.


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Product Demonstration & Training Suite

The suite which provides a full functional working environment and is available for demonstration and training purposes to meet you and your customer’s requirements. Suitable for hardware and software, the suite can be used to showcase the benefits and features of our extensive range.


Airsys: Helping you grow your business



  • “The training was excellent and the trainer was very friendly and professional, he responded to my questions with insight”

    "After the training I now have a more practical knowledge of programming radios."


    "I am very pleased! I know have a full understanding of the radio network we purchased and am confident in operating it to its maximum potential."