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t8-ltecam-product-image.pngTelo Systems LTECAM T8

✓ Easy To Use  ✓ GPS Tracking ✓ SOS Feature For Emergency Cases

Product Details

The LTECAM T8 is a body worn LTE camera and push to talk solution that enables you to do away with multiple devices.

By delivering business critical communications, including key features such as task management, lone worker protection and recording, the Telo Systems T8 can integrate with existing communications systems to help promote safety and ensure the wellbeing of all staff*.

• Rotated camera for different scenarios
• Comfortable physical buttons easy to operate
• IR light for low light environment
• High-Sensitive Antenna
• Crystal Clear Audio
• Ideal for Airsys.Cloud Messaging and Task Management capabilities

BS 8593 Compliant

Airsys.Cloud have worked closely with Telo Systems to achieve BS 8593 compliance for the UK market on this product.
As a result, videos captured can be submitted as legitimate evidence in a court of law.

LTECAM T8 Data Sheet 





Dimension 115mm x 65mm x 26mm
Operating system Android 7.1
RAM + Rom 2GB + 16GB
Camera 16MP Camera
Pre/Pro  30 Sec



t8-ltecam-middle-product-image.pngAdd Airsys.Cloud A.FLEX PTT Mobile APP

•  Instant communication between two-way radio and cellular devices across different manufacturers
•  Expansion of existing systems providing global reach
•  Your choice data plan
•  Secure communication
•  Fast call set-up
•  Low set up costs
•  Low maintenance
•  High level of acceptance among users

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