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Keep your eyes up and your focus forward. Rugged and durable yet streamlined and slim, you can count on the Motorola SolutionsLEX L11 to perform when
it’s needed most.

WAVE_TLK100_-_Data_Sheet_-_EN-GB-(1)-01-01.pngWhen hardware, software, and accessories work seamlessly together, the result is a device that works seamlessly for you.

The LEX L11 Mission Critical LTE Device is designed with first responders in mind. It is the result of our tireless quest to understand the way you actually work.

Every feature and function is thoughtfully considered, from the rugged, easy to operate design to the always loud and clear audio to the advanced end-to-end secure mobile platform and the enhanced accessibility provided by a suite of accessories.

Rugged and durable yet streamlined and slim, you can count on the LEX L11 to perform when it’s needed most.


Key Features and Benefits

•  Intuitive controls make operation natural
•  High quality audio performance
•  Performs in the harshest environments
•  Extend your reach with two-way collaboration capability
•  Secure mobile platforms
•  Accessories to meet your needs

The art of mission-critical design

The LEX L11 is designed with wear ability and accessibility in mind, providing intuitively simple access in both tough and unforgiving situations.

adult-career-clean-209234.jpgIntuitive controls make operation natural

Keep your eyes up and your focus forward with the ability to access all of the mission critical capabilities you need by touch alone.

Quickly initiate commands with two programmable buttons

The LEX L11 has two programmable buttons located on the side of the device. The LEX L11 allows you to customise the experience with the capabilities and features you need most. Each button has two functions, triggered by a short or long press.

Answer or end a call, toggle covert mode on or off, mute speakerphone, or enable near hands free video and image capture when programmed to automatically open the camera application and take a picture.

adult-commerce-employee-860227.jpgKeep your eyes up and focus forward with a dedicated push-to-talk button

Quickly communicate and be able to stay in constant contact with your team thanks to the extremely large and dedicated push-to-talk button that’s designed for use with your thumb, multiple fingers, or even a gloved hand.

With specially designed ramps located on either side, it allows you to intuitively locate the button by feel alone, this is particularly ideal for high stress situations. If the LEX L11 has been dropped, the raised protective ridges help prevent accidental activation.

Get immediate access to help with a dedicated emergency button

In the event of an emergency, the call for help simply cannot wait. The LEX L11 has a dedicated and highly visible emergency button that when pushed will send an alert to dispatch and other command staff when used with an application that supports emergency button capability. With the push of a button you will get immediate access to help.

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