• Introduction to two-way radios

  • At Airsys, we like to provide customers with support towards the products in which they are selling. To do this, we offer training days in an ‘Introduction to two-way radios’, helping them to gain greater knowledge in the field.

    At our most recent training day one of our attendees offered their view on the course:

    room-(1).jpgThe ‘Introduction to two-way radios’ course was a very informative and advantageous practise. The course covered a vast array of details in regards to two-way radios and helped the understanding of a lot of features that are utilised.

    Airsys provided an insightful knowledge into the background of the radio industry, teaching terminologies and technologies involved, ultimately making the process simple to understand.

    The demonstration helped to create comprehension of the types of radio and their uses, discussing the differences and similarities when it comes to the radios themselves, their frequencies and licenses.

    The details relating to the two-way radio accessories was valuable into knowing what is best for customers and how they can benefit from the features discoursed. The day then advanced onto the range and capabilities of the devices, representing how to transmit signals and the environmental factors that can impact upon the radios. There was also a helpful clarification on the industries that would benefit from the varying radios, alongside the programming and configurations of the devices.

    ‘Introduction to two-way radios’ was an instructive and useful course that provided valuable insights into the enterprise as a whole, as well as the individual devices. It helped to form understanding of the radios and the product details surrounding them.

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