• Motorola Solutions' TALKABOUT T72 Radio


    In situations where there is no phone signal or broadband access, or when there's a lack of professional two-way radio infrastructure, a license-free PMR446 device proves invaluable. The Motorola Solutions T72, with a robust design and a remarkable battery life of up to 24 hours, can cover distances of up to 8km. This weatherproof device is an optimal choice, empowering teams and individuals to communicate with effectiveness and efficiency.
    Power Unleashed: T72's Dual Power Options
    The Motorola Solutions' T72 has two power options: a rechargeable battery and regular AA batteries, making it ideal for places where it is difficult to find a power source.

    This feature ensures that the radio continues to operate, providing a sense of relief to those who depend on it for their safety.

    Emergency Preparedness: T72's Impressive Safety Features
    The emergency features of the T72 are impressive too. It has built-in flashlights to assist in navigating in the dark and an emergency alert that can summon help when it is needed the most.

    These features act as a safety net, ensuring that the T72 is more than just a device but a tool that provides assistance and protection when things get challenging.

    Beyond Communication: T72 as Your Reliable Lifeline
    The Motorola Solutions T72 Radio is more than just a communication tool; it is a reliable companion that offers assistance during difficult times.

    Unwavering Dependability: T72's Promise in Any Situation
    Whether caught in a storm or traversing rugged terrains, the Motorola Solutions T72 Radio is a dependable friend that will always keep you connected and safe, no matter the situation.