• Body-worn cameras in hospitals, like the VB400, play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of healthcare operations.

    At Airsys, we understand the ongoing issue in relation to acts of violence within the hospital walls. This was informed by the 2022 NHS staff survey, where 14.7% of staff claimed that they have experienced at least one incident of physical violence from patients, service users, relatives or other members of the public in the last 12 months.

    Such information could indicate that healthcare personnel in GP’s, hospitals, and private clinics may be afraid of getting hurt during their hours of work. The Violence Prevention and Reduction Standard addresses this on-going case with a framework for a secure and safe working environment.

    This framework highlights the use of deterrents as an attempt for stopping individuals committing violent acts. An example of such deterrents were body-worn cameras. The devices not only capture video footage, which makes those committing violence think twice, but also as Royal College of Nursing, 2023 findings demonstrated, healthcare professionals that wore body cameras felt psychologically safer and supported when body worn cameras were being worn. The study also found out that participants were more likely to have a positive view of body worn cameras following trials of their use.

    The above facts provide the foundation behind Airsys support for a safer working environment with body-worn cameras. The benefits of body-worn cameras will be highlighted below, providing used cases of the solution towards a safer, and more secure healthcare workplace. 

    Body-worn cameras offer hands-free operation, allowing hospital staff to focus on their tasks without the need to hold a phone. With features such as dual microphones, wide-angle lenses, and configurable recording behaviors, the VB400 provides high-quality, secure, and encrypted footage.


    In a hospital environment, where timely and accurate information is vital, Motorola Solutions VB400 enhances communication, transparency, and overall safety. 

    The camera has an excellent temperature and weather resistance, shift-long battery life, and secure mounting options cater to the dynamic and challenging conditions of hospital work. The encryption protocols and system-specific access control keys ensure the integrity and security of captured footage, critical for compliance and legal purposes.

    Moreover, the integration capabilities with other hospital technologies, such as fixed video and Bluetooth sensors, enhance the overall response effectiveness. Whether used for training, evidence collection, or real-time monitoring, the VB400 proves to be an invaluable tool for healthcare professionals in various roles within a hospital setting. 

    Different individuals in a hospital and healthcare enviorment can benefit from using body-worn cameras. For example, the security personnel could use the camera for capturing evidence of aggressive behavior or confrontations, which enhances the protocols of the security teams. This is beneficial because the VB400 acts as an unbiased witness, promoting transparency and accountability.

    Another example for the use of Motorola Solutions VB400 body-worn camera is in emergency rooms where nurses would use the device to document patient interactions and treatments in real-time. Such devices are critical for keeping accurate records in relation to patient care, aiding in post-treatment analysis.

    Furthermore, medical staff who specialise in the technical aspects of the equipment can safely record the handling best-practice procedures. With body-worn camera, this process could improve the training around handling such medical equpment.


    Maintenance Staff within the hospital walls may utilise body-worn cameras by documenting environmental conditions and equipment malfunctions, which is critical for operational effeciency. This means that the maintenance response times and facility management of the hospital is improved. Furthermore, patient advocates could record interactions advocating for patient needs and rights with VB400 body-worn camera. This creates a record of patient advocacy efforts, supporting legal and ethical standards.

    Another benefit of a body-worn camera lies internally in the pharmacy department. Staff are able to document medication dispensing and inventory management, ensuring correct adherence to protocols and quality control measures. Medical students who study medicine could video the specifics required to pass their exams and further tests. This enables the pupils to record medical procedures for educational purposes, which enhances their learning experiences and facilitates knowledge transfer across schools and institutions.

    Lastly, a born-worn camera like the VB400 supports infection control specialists inspecting the hospital. The device is beneficial because it could document adherence to infection control measures. This has an advantage in supporting the quality assurance efforts and improves infectious disease management.

    As stated above, different individuals within the larger healthcare industry may benefit by wearing a body-worn camera like the Motorola Solutions VB400. Airsys as a leading distributor of Motorola Solutions will guide you throughout the purchasing process. 

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