What is BBPTT?

whta-is-BBPTT-01.pngWhat is Broadband Push-to-Talk?

Broadband Push-to-Talk (BBPTT) is a solution to allow instant and global communication at a push of a button over a broadband network on a cellular device (smart phone); effectively turning your cellular device into a two-way radio using a broadband network.

BBPTT consists of using a cellular network such as 3G, 4G or 5G or a Wi-Fi network simultaneously to provide communication between two or more users.

At Airsys we see BBPTT as a communication offering where before there was none. It is not a replacement for two-way radio but a solution to add to an existing service offering.

There are times when a PMR system may not be viable or limited due to location, infrastructure or time constraint. BBPTT can be used as a secure instant communications solution to provide or extend the range and functionality of communications locally, nationally or globally.

Furthermore, we can integrate PMR and broadband systems, enabling communications between a two-way radio and a cellular device.





Airsys.Cloud allows you to add to your existing service offering. With greater functionality and reach, increased productivity and fast and secure communications, Airsys.Cloud can be the solution where before there was none. Benefit from instant communication between two-way radio and cellular devices across different manufacturers.

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BBPTTLOGO-02.jpgMotorola Solutions WAVE

WAVE is a network-independent Broadband Push-to-Talk (BBPTT) subscription service from Motorola Solutions. It uses the cloud to extend two-way radio communication to cellular devices, tablets and PCs.

By eliminating the barriers between devices, networks and locations, WAVE lets everyone be part of the conversation.

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Do you want to add to your existing communication system or have a solution where before there was none.

At Airsys, we have been collaborating with our resellers for over 25 years distributing a large range of products and software. We also provide our resellers with access to our exclusive range of services and training.

If you are looking to purchase a BBPTT solutions to use rather than to resell, contact us today.

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At Airsys, we have been working closely with our resellers for more than 25 years in the communications industry, offering a full range of products, services and training that have been individually chosen by Airsys to grow your business.

With greater functionality and reach, increased productivity and fast and secure communications, Broadband Push-to-Talk (BBPTT) can be the solution where before there was none.

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