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GlobalView R-LinX is now available to buy from Airsys!

globalview.jpgGlobalView: R-LinX
R-LinX is a clever little alarm handler, capable of sending alerts to your two-way radio, smartphone, email and workstation alert.

Integrating alarms, alerts and call buttons to your radios is as easy as 1,2,3. Available in 3 simple variations, R-LinX is suited to all budgets and requirements.


R-LinX-One.JPG   R-LinX One

   The most straightforward solution for notifying two-way radio, SMS and email. Message-in, message-out with a single stage alert.

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R-LinX-Alert-(1).JPGR-LinX Alert

The intelligent notification functionality of the original module plus three-stage escalation to notify your team.

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R-Linx-Complete.JPG   R-LinX Complete

   The original and full solution, with incredibly easy set-up. Sending notifications plus Lone Worker functionality.

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When it comes to an emergency, every seconds counts!

R-Linx-Complete.JPGR-LinX WiFi Button

Simply press to send alerts and requests to Hytera and Motorola Solutions radios. Integrate with emergency alarms, access systems and machinery to notify DMR radios, radio groups, SMS and email with a three stage alert escalation.

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Why R-LinX?



All your critical information at your fingertips
Never miss an alert
Build your own customized alert strategy
Quickly discover false alarms
Installed with the minimum of disruption
Peace of mind for you and your workers




globalview-logo.pngAbout GlobalView

Designing communication solutions for better end-user service and increase efficiency

GlobalView Systems offer a range of award-winning Software solutions to enhance the functionality of DMR two-way radio.  Working through a growing channel of Radio Specialists they also offer a bespoke design service to enable our partners to win new business or secure existing business. Straight forward software, exceptional service and product quality.

GlobalView maximise the potential of your radio solution with the minimum of hassle and the maximum functionality. 



Take control with real time critical information at your fingertips

R-LinX easily integrates with your essential alarm systems; use your two-way radio to manage incidents and improve safety.

  • Essential as part of your fire evacuation strategy.
  • 24 Hour monitoring of remote and unoccupied buildings.
  • No need for constant watching by the control room, alerts are delivered wherever you are in the format that suits you best.
  • Reassurance that you can react quickly to keep your site, staff and guests safe. Respond straight to the source of the alert in the shortest time.
  • Discreet Silent Alarm - Commence pre-arranged plans to ensure a safe evacuation, prior to activating a full general alarm.
  • Delayed or localised alarm - Give trained personnel the chance to determine the cause, discover false alarms or contain the issue, before full unnecessary evacuation
  • Pre-Alerts - Know if an alarm condition is approaching, discover and mitigate potential issues, before escalating to a disruptive alarm state.
  • Discover false alarms - Avoid unnecessary disruption that may affect your customer service or productivity resulting in downtime.
  • Improved safety with reduced "alarm fatigue", desensitization staff and visitors experience from continuous exposure to frequent, often non-actionable alarms.
  • ​Greater control, open gates, barriers and doors by sending pre-set radio messages.